Sad Kittens NFT

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mission: encouraging people to adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue a stray animal from the streets instead of buying a pet from the vet.

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Sad Kitten NFT is a project where you can earn money with staking. Our coin is $ad Coin.

If you wanna know more about staking of our project check our article on Medium and Youtube

The Journey

Sad Kittens NFT
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1234 Treasure Boxes with weapons and $ad Coins are spread across all the Kitten Space awaiting the holder to find them. Finding the Boxes is quite not easy. You have to burn 100 $ad Coins to enter The Journey and start searching for the Treasure Boxes. There is a base chance of 10% for the extraction and it could be increased with more items used in Character Weapon. After the extraction, you will have 30 days before the Box hatch.

The team set the fair price of 100 $adS for each Journey with presumably 120 days to extract the Box, not including the use of items. The team also made possible the secondary trading of weapons that you can find in the Box to allow the Sad Kitten NFTs holders to sell their Kittens and their weapons in secondary markets if they do not wish to take part in Journey.



Q2 2022

Developing a staking system for holders of Sad Kitten NFTs. Start cool giveaways in the community where you can win $, NFTs, WL spots and just have fun every day.

Creating The Journey where all the holders of Sad Kitten NFTs can win extra $ad Coins and NFTs. Sad kittens are living in Space and spending their lives traveling in the different Galaxies trying to find loving family and home. And during that Journey you can buy weapons and look for Treasure Boxes. In these Boxes you can find extra NFTs, rare weapons and more $ad Coins.

In the first stage of developing the project we will be pushing the project through all marketing channels and list on the coolests sites and resources for NFTs.

Listing on 10 NFT calendars

Make sold out

Listing on Magic Eden and Opensea

Cat 1
Q3 2022

Making weekly lotteries with various prizes where Kitten NFTs are your lottery tickets to win free NFT.

Starting our first Journey through the Kittens Universe.

Cat 3
Q4 2022

Buy back all NFTs under 3 sol

Add more weapon and create a rarity system for it

Cat 1
Q1 2023

Buy back all NFTs under 4 sol

Set a tournament among the players with special Kitten kinds with NFT prizes.

Cat 3
Q2 2024

Buy back all NFTs under 5 sol

Making royalty for all holders from dropped SK babies NFTs.

Holders of Kitten NFTs will have 20% of each re-sale SK babies NFTs.

Super giveaway for big holders:

20 + SK NFT holders get free 5 SK NFTs

35 + SK NFT holders get free 10 SK NFTs

50 + SK NFT holders get free 15 SK NFTs

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What blockchain platform uses the project?


Where can I learn more about staking?

You can check our article here and Youtube

What is the total Supply?

3333 kittens sold out

What is the limit per wallet?

1 NFT per transaction

What about mint price?


When will Kittens launch?

June, 6

What about secondary marketplaces?

We will be listing on Magic Eden and Opensea right after public sale

How to become OG?

You need to get 10 lvl, be active and fill the form for OGs

Where can I see what the artwork looks like to get a better impression of the art?

You can check our sneak-peaks and our Twitter